Indrahar Pass Trek 2023


Indrahar Pass Trek 2023 Overview

Indrahar Pass Trek Overview:


The Indrahar Pass Trek is a thrilling and scenic adventure that takes you through the magnificent Dhauladhar Range in Himachal Pradesh, India. Starting from the picturesque town of McLeodganj, this trek offers breathtaking views, diverse landscapes, and a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Himalayas.


The trek begins with a gradual ascent from Galu Devi Temple, situated near McLeodganj. As you hike through lush forests of oak and rhododendron, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Kangra Valley and the surrounding snow-capped peaks. The trail to Triund, the first campsite, is relatively moderate, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers.


Triund, perched at an altitude of 2,850 meters, is a picturesque meadow surrounded by towering mountains. The campsite offers mesmerizing vistas of the Dhauladhar Range, providing a perfect spot to witness stunning sunrises and sunsets. Overnight camping at Triund allows you to experience the tranquility of the mountains and revel in the beauty of nature.


From Triund, the trek continues towards Lahesh Cave, situated at an elevation of around 3,500 meters. The trail becomes more challenging, leading you through rocky terrain and high-altitude meadows. The ascent to Lahesh Cave rewards you with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, including snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation.


The highlight of the trek is conquering the Indrahar Pass, standing at an impressive altitude of 4,342 meters. The final ascent to the pass is steep and demanding, requiring endurance and determination. However, the sense of achievement and the panoramic views of the Himalayas make it all worthwhile. From the pass, you'll witness breathtaking vistas of the valleys and peaks, leaving you in awe of the natural beauty.


Descending towards Chamba Valley, you'll pass through scenic trails, meadows, and streams, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience. The trek concludes at the village of Kuarsi, where you'll be transported back to McLeodganj.


The best time to undertake the Indrahar Pass Trek is from May to October, when the weather is favorable and the trail is accessible. However, it's essential to check the weather forecast and seek guidance from local authorities or experienced trekking operators before planning your trek.


The Indrahar Pass Trek in 2023 promises a memorable adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of the Dhauladhar Range. It offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, challenging terrain, and a sense of accomplishment that will leave you with cherished memories of the Himalayas.



Quick Info:


MacLeodganj- Indrahar


7 Days / 6 Nights

Start Point


End Point



Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1:

- Arrival in McLeodganj, a picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh, and check-in to your accommodation.

- Spend the day exploring McLeodganj, visiting attractions like the Dalai Lama Temple, Bhagsu Waterfall, and the vibrant local market.

- Enjoy the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the Tibetan culture that permeates the town.

- Overnight stay in McLeodganj.


Day 2:

- After an early breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to the starting point of the trek at Galu Devi Temple.

- Begin the trek, which starts with a gradual ascent through beautiful oak and rhododendron forests.

- Enjoy the stunning views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar Range as you hike.

- Reach Triund, a picturesque meadow offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding peaks.

- Set up camp at Triund and spend the night amidst nature's tranquility.

- Overnight stay in tents at Triund.


Day 3:

- Wake up early to witness a breathtaking sunrise over the Himalayas.

- After breakfast, begin the trek towards Lahesh Cave, located at an altitude of approximately 3500 meters.

- The trail takes you through rocky terrain and high-altitude alpine meadows.

- Enjoy the ever-changing landscapes and the thrill of being surrounded by towering peaks.

- Reach Lahesh Cave and set up camp for the night.

- Overnight stay in tents at Lahesh Cave.


Day 4:

- Today is the highlight of the trek as you conquer the Indrahar Pass.

- Start early in the morning to make the most of the day.

- Trek through challenging terrain, crossing streams and snow patches.

- Reach the Indrahar Pass, standing at an impressive altitude of 4342 meters.

- Celebrate your achievement and take in the breathtaking views of the snow-clad peaks and valleys.

- Begin the descent towards Chamba Valley and reach the campsite at Chatta Parao.

- Overnight stay in tents at Chatta Parao.


Day 5:

- After breakfast, continue the descent towards the village of Kuarsi.

- Enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding hills and forests as you trek down.

- Reach Kuarsi and board a vehicle that will take you back to McLeodganj.

- Rest and relax after the trek.

- Overnight stay in McLeodganj.


Day 6:

- Spend the day at leisure in McLeodganj.

- Explore more of the town, visit monasteries, or indulge in optional activities like paragliding or a spa session.

- Reflect on your incredible journey and enjoy the serene ambiance of the Himalayas.

- Overnight stay in McLeodganj.


Day 7:

- Depart from McLeodganj with unforgettable memories of the Indrahar Pass Trek.


Tour Inclusions:

Accommodation as per the itinerary.

Meals as specified in the itinerary.

All arrival, departure, sightseeing as per above itinerary.

All applicable hotel & transport taxes.

All applicable Government taxes. 


Tour Exclusions:

Any meals other than those specified.

Expenses of personal nature such as tips, telephone calls, laundry, liquor etc.

Any other item not specified.